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Fic. Great, isn’t it? Fan writers can take your favourite characters and make you laugh, cry or make you feel a little funny in the… No wait! Fic doesn’t always have to be about NC-17, full on, sexiness, does it? No! But sometimes it can be hard to find fics that can be romantic, fun or sad without all that X-rated grinding.

We aim to compile a list of great fic recs from a wide range of fandoms which are about the characters and not their sex lives. So come over and celebrate friendship, great plots, action/adventure, humour, romance that stops outside the bedroom door!

All the fic recs in here will not include explicit sex scenes or explicit discussions about sex.


1. Please use the recc'ing form here to rec fics, this is the only way a rec will be accepted.
2. Fics must not contain an explicit sex scene or sexual discussion. Mention of/allusions to sex is fine. Just check with your mod if your unsure.
3. No bashing of fics, members, authors, artists etc.
4. No spam comments.
5. Maintainers and Mods are the only people allowed to post.
6. Any problems with your fandom? Contact the Mod in charge.
7. General problems? Contact a Maintainer here.

Rules are subject to change at the Maintainers discretion.

Other stuff:

- Off-topic posts will be deleted.
- Want to affiliate or pimp your community? Contact the mods here!
- Fandom Listings are HERE!


About Us!

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